Moser Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Vision & Mission of the CEL

The vision of the Moser Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is to attract life-long learners to the prospect of Christ-centered idea formation, business model development and commercial implementation.

Using Christian principles and virtue, the mission of the Moser Center is to provide connections and learning opportunities that propel entrepreneurs from concept to commercial success.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

The Moser Center provides a framework for how employees with an entrepreneurial mindset can navigate the complex and challenging environments within existing organizations to bring about meaningful, practical and effective change.

Learners will understand the need for an innovative mindset, exploring the concept of entrepreneurship and how it can evolve from within an organization. The course provides a roadmap for how individuals can plan, present and execute innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.



According to research from Gallup, employees who are more engaged are less likely to leave the business and are also more productive!

Entrepreneurship encourages individuals to fully engage with the business’ goals and take control of their work. This also makes their job more meaningful and provides greater autonomy, which research has found will further improve engagement, as well as improve productivity and wellbeing.


Companies that encourage entrepreneurship will be seen as more innovative and creative, which are desirable qualities for many people currently looking for work. Entrepreneurship also shows that you listen to your employees, which will help create a more favorable impression of your business.


Employees enjoying their work are obviously less likely to want to leave your company. Entrepreneurship enables them to focus on those areas that they feel most passionate about, creating more meaning in their jobs. It also enables more opportunities for career progression as they develop key skills such as leadership.


Another of the business benefits of entrepreneurship is it helps to facilitate innovation, which can reveal new ways to improve efficiency as well as opportunities for creating new products and services. This will help your organization identify new opportunities and gaps in the market to pursue them quickly.

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Entrepreneurs within your business can act as innovation champions, encouraging other employees to get involved and have their say. You need people who are passionate about finding new ways of working and ensuring that transformation takes place — and your entrepreneurs are perfectly poised to take on this role.


In a rapidly changing world, your business needs to be able to transform to meet upcoming challenges. Having individuals who are completely focused on ensuring that change takes place will help your business to transform effectively and at an accelerated pace.

To combat resistance to change within your organization it’s important to have a trailblazer who will champion those changes — enter your entrepreneurs.


Make the most of your in-house knowledge and talent.

Your entrepreneurs know your business inside-out, and each will have their own unique experiences and knowledge that they bring to the table. They will be able to make suggestions based on their knowledge of how your business works, the industry and the competition. Putting innovation management software in place could help you capture their ideas.